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Jackson Hole

When one thinks of snowy states in the USA, there are a handful that always come to mind: Colorado Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Wyoming…  its that last state in particular happens to be a great place for winter sports, like snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

If you desire a great place for outdoor winter activities like snow shoeing it can be completely satisfied in Wyoming, thanks to its abundance of gorgeous snow covered landscapes and the cheap nature of rental snowshoes. Although I would recommend you bring your own pair of snowshoes, as many places are remote and snowshoes are not always available.

Besides, unlike skis or snowboarding, no training is required, so that’s always a nice plus. But the most important aspect of all is location: the best places to visit in snowshoes and cross country ski are the ones that can’t be reached by any other means, and that’s what this article is here to inform you where to go. One other thing to keep in mind is the fact these places are remote and COLD, be sure to dress appropriately, warm jackets and base layers are necessary.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole is one of the top snowshoeing destinations in Wyoming because it has super easy access to two parks. It’s teeming with excellent snowshoeing tracks and trails, from the flat and family friendly to the rigorous back country escapade.

One such location near Jackson Hole is Snake River Dike, with a mostly scenic and relaxing path to enjoy that passes right by the usually frozen Snake River. There is also a plethora of wildlife to be found here, from moose to deer and plenty of birds. There are also plenty of nearby parking lots, so accessing the trail is quick, easy, and perfect for snowshoeing beginners.

Elk Refuge is another nearby trek that is smooth and easy, yet satisfying and full of adventure. As you can imagine, Elk Refuge is home to a whole lot of elk, as well as bighorn sheep and a lot of other animals, making it the ideal snowshoe getaway for a nature walk.

If you also happen to be a photographer, it’s a great choice for you. While there are a few rental places for snowshoes and skis, you may be better of just buying your own.



Laramie is another great snowshoeing destination that I recommend you pay a visit to in Wyoming. It is near plenty of great outdoor activity locations. Vedauwoo, like Elk Refuge, is home to a ton of elk, moose, and other animals, but it also has a plethora of outstanding rock formations to look at, making for a scenic route one way or another. The Libby Creek Trail is full of fun too, thanks to its frozen waters and decent distance to explore.

The fact remains that Wyoming is an excellent choice for snowshoeing adventure, regardless of what level of difficulty you are actually seeking to embrace. If you want a trail that exists for solely scenic landscape enjoyment, there are plenty available. If you want a route that will let you check out all of the animals the state has to offer, those too are around in abundance. And if you just want a strenuous and rigorous trail for the exercise, you can find that too.

Come winter, most everyone will want to enjoy the snow in some way, shape, or form. If you’re not into the high intensity downhill or bowl skiing you should consider snowshoeing and Wyoming is an excellent destination!

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