My Favorite 5 Places for Kayaking in New York

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Top Five Kayaking Spots in New York

New York State is known for housing the most vastly populated city in the country, New York City. It is often associated with the hustle and bustle of the astounding city and its energetic and fast-moving way of life. Beyond the famous city, New York is home to some of the most desirable kayaking areas around the country. One thing to keep in mind with some of these spots is they may require some hiking to get to. An inflatable kayak will be a invaluable way to backpack to these spot. If you dont have one, here is a list of the best inflatable kayaks.

Whether you are a tourist looking for a first time adventure kayaking or a seasoned kayak-er eager to experience the finest kayaking spots in the country, New York is sure to provide an excellent kayaking adventure.

Though there are many first-rate spots in NY (Complete list here) for practicing the exciting sport, we have narrowed it down to the top five destinations for the perfect trip.

#1 Bond Lake Country Park

The immaculate waters of the Bond Lake Country Park spans 545 acres including various lakes and hiking trails. The exquisitely scenic Meyers Lakes are a popular choice for many kayakers. The lakes within the park are connected allowing the paddler to effortlessly discover the infamous Niagara Escarpment beneath the water. The numerous trees surrounding the waters provide a protective barrier against winds, allowing a peaceful trip for the kayaker.

Bond Lake is also known for some great fishing, it has large schools of Largemouth Bass and Crappies, they can run deep and a fish finder for your kayak may help in locating them.

#2 Buffalo River Urban Canoe Trail

This unique trail encompasses three distinctive parts including the “Natural River”, the “Urban River”, and the “Industrial River”. As you kayak through this unusual, yet stunning trail, you may even question if you are indeed still in Buffalo! The beginning of the trail is full of exotic vegetation with occasional residences in the background and continues through the industrial section, which is a distinctive sight that sets it apart from other kayaking trails. Bring your camera, as you will desire to capture every moment of this strikingly beautiful destination.

#3 Buckhorn Island State Park

Located at the northwest area of Grand Island, Buckhorn Island State Park is home to a bird conservation for numerous threatened species in New York State. This habitat also serves as a protective area for countless waterfowl, including nineteen species of gulls. In addition to the protective habitat, the pristine island displays the legendary Niagara River wetlands.

Buckhorn Island is distinctly detached from Grand Island by two breathtaking streams, Woods Creek and Burnt Ship Creek that split through the 895 acres of peaceful meadows, richly vegetated marshlands, and deep woods. Though Woods Creek is home to precious wildlife and magnificent scenery, it eventually becomes too narrow to paddle through.

However, you will find that the picturesque views encountered throughout the river are well worth the trip, even if you must turn around after taking in the charming scene. Burnt Ship Creek paddlers will get a workout as they paddle through a wetland of serene cattails and exquisite greenery. The best time to kayak through this tranquil Island is during the spring, in order to observe youthful wildlife acquainting with their new environment and see a multitude of species appreciating the spring weather. There are some great camp sites here, (see here for a list)

#4 Canandaigua Outlet (Manchester to Lyons)

This breathtaking outlet includes the area thirty-eight miles into the northern portion of Canandaigua Lake flowing an additional two miles after uniting with the Erie Canal at Lyons. This beautiful course streams through Chapin, Littleville, Shortsville, and Manchester. You can expect to see breathtaking waterfalls, numerous natural dams, and vivacious white water in the heart of spring. The Canandaigua Outlet is most desirable in the spring months, as the water is not deep enough for a pleasant trip during other seasons.

#5 Black Creek

Located in New Hudson, Black Creek has several opportunities for the kayaker of all levels. Paddle upstream in the current of the Genesee River, or enjoy the serene water foliage and purple Lythrum along the narrow Little Black Creek channel. Alternatively, you can indulge in the most beautiful area along the deep Black Creek stream. This wide stream offers a peaceful voyage, with the exception of the sporadic jets departing from the neighboring airport. In the summer, the current is relatively low, which can be a challenge for beginner kayakers. As you venture into the lower portion of the Black Creek stream, you can explore the numerous channels sprinkled along the luscious waters. Be cognizant of the stone arched tunnel hanging low under the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail. It can be a moderate burden for even a season kayaker.

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