Where to Go for Hiking and Camping in Alabama

There are plenty of other states that you might consider as being the go-to places for hiking and camping; for example, Colorado, Utah and Montana. Alabama does, however, hold its own and is a perfectly appropriate state to go both hiking and camping. If you’re bringing either friends or family on a vacation anytime soon, then you should consider Alabama for your next experience.

DeSoto Scout Trail

The DeSoto Scout Trail is located in Fort Payne and if you want to go through a trail that is a bit longer, then this is the place for you! Perhaps the most appealing thing about this trail is that it flows alongside a river, which allows you to experience and appreciate nature and an entire ecosystem.

Because of the scenery, you can’t miss out on this opportunity to take pictures! You’ll find plenty of candid shots on this trail. There are excellent camp sites along the river, be sure to bring a backpacking tent and sleeping bag!

Oak Mountain Red Trail

If you’re a person who would rather trek through the woods instead of a perfectly groomed path, then the Oak Mountain Red Trail is best for you and is one that you will really enjoy. It’s a total of seventeen miles long; so, you’ll likely be spending your entire day hiking.

Sipsey River Trail

This trail is the perfect combination of the last two locations. It is twelve miles long, which makes it a bit shorter than Oak Mountain Red Trail; however, don’t let the length of the trail scare you away. No matter what level of experience you have or if you’re a beginner/expert at hiking, this trail provides you with a learning experience that is very hard to combat.

There is a beautiful waterfall that will provide you with excellent pictures and if you have a dog, then feel free to bring him because the trail is pet friendly! Any pet owner appreciates a location that is pet-friendly because goodness knows that it’s a rare quality!

Pinhoti Trail

The Pinhoti Trail is one of the best known trails in Alabama and happens to be located in the Talladega National Forest, which is also very popular. The Pinhoti trail connects both Alabama and Georgia. Not only this, but the trail is 339 miles long; therefore, you’ll have to comp out for several nights if you’re planning to hike the entire thing.

With such a long trail, there is no doubt that there will be amazing scenery for you to enjoy. There are also several habitats for you to hike through; for example, vallets, forests, and mountains.

Alabama might now be renowned for its hiking and camping; however, these are two things that it shown be known for. Alabama has legitimate and very complex trails that range from beginner to an advanced level of difficulty. If you decide to bring either friends or family, then you won’t regret it because you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The above trails are only some of the very best locations to vacation to within Alabama.

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