The 4 Best Places for Camping in Florida

Camping in Florida

With the warmer seasons approaching, why not take some time to explore the lovely state of Florida by taking yourself, your friends, and your family on a few beautiful hiking and camping trips? Florida has a variety of trails that range from easiness, length, and terrain. There are so many to choose from, so we definitely recommend you do some research and learn about all of the beautiful options Florida has to offer. In the mean time, we’ve put together the top 4 hiking and camping trails.

  1. Anhinga Trail

Located in Homestead, FL – Anhinga Trail is a beautiful look into Everglades National Park. The hike is short and moderate, great for kids and family outings! It is a paved walk that will allow you to walk over the marshes, and if you’re lucky – you may get a glimpse of an alligator!

  1. Big Oak Trail

Located in Jasper, FL – Big Oak Trail is one of the most scenic trails that North Florida has to offer. The majority of the trail parallels two rivers, the Suwanne and the Withlacoochee! There are many sink holes along the trail, as well as large oak trees – one that is so large it takes 8 people connecting hands to wrap around the base!

Camping in Florida

  1. Black Rock Trail

Black Rock located in Jacksonville, FL – this trail is interesting as the area is almost desolate. However, within the park there are biking trails, hiking trails, and jogging trails that will take visitors to an incredibly unique shoreline! The beach is covered in twisted driftwood that makes a perfect spot for your kids to roam, climb, and balance!

  1. Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park is located in Orange City, FL – it’s a moderate trail with beautiful views of Florida wildlife – including manatees by the few dozen and alligators. This is a very scenic, moderate, hike that is definitely worth the entrance fee to the park.

Florida is full of beautiful terrain, waterfalls, and sight-seeing adventures! Take advantage of the warmer weather and see what this beautiful state has to offer! There are plenty of trails and camp grounds that cater to avid hikers, family outings, and even you and your dog!

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